Annual Fundraisers

Indian River Fruit Sale

The RTMS bands are proud to sponsor an Indian River Citrus Fruit Sale.
The sale takes place in October of each year and the fruit is delivered and
available the week before Thanksgiving. The proceeds are used to supply
funds for band equipment and music. Students are also able to raise funds
for their annual spring band trip.

Jazz Night

The RTMS Jazz Band, along with the Chamber Orchestra and Chorus,
present an evening of jazz music. This event is held in April of each year.
The cafeteria is transformed by our wonderful parent volunteers into a jazz cafe
with a menu of scrumptious dessert and flavorful coffee. The proceeds from the
event benefit the RTMS Music Department.

River Jam

The last day of the school year is marked by the excitement of River Jam.
The RTMS Music Department hosts a day of food, fun and friendship.
Students have the opportunity during their Connections classes to purchase
cotton candy, sodas, and flavored ice. Yearbooks are distributed and
everyone can sign and share memories of another wonderful year at RTMS.